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A photographic look at my life in Shunde, China 07.04.2012
Womans day, as the Chinese do 25.03.2012
Fake eggs, anyone? 29.02.2012
When in Rome... 21.02.2012
Adaptability and flexibility 14.02.2012
Mangosteen's and snowflakes 15.12.2011
The Bund, traditional massages, and coffee in Shanghai 27.11.2011
The land of limestone karsts: Yangshuo 23.10.2011
Duck chasing, anyone? 16.10.2011
Typhoons and strikes, turtles and Stingrays 10.10.2011
Tiger's paws do not belong on bridges in Guangzhou 21.09.2011
Apple a day, no need to go to doctor 06.09.2011
Shunde, here we are! 01.09.2011
Lucy in the sky with...Chickens...? 24.03.2011
The ancient town of Hoi An 15.03.2011
Ninh Binh, the inland Halong Bay 07.03.2011
Hanoi's Mental Traffic & Halong's Misty Bay 28.02.2011
Holiday season 21.02.2011
Hello Hong Kong! 06.01.2011
Guinea pigs in pink dresses 21.12.2010
'Thrilling Games, Harmonious Asia' 16.12.2010
Little stories from big china 07.12.2010
Judging in Jiamen 04.12.2010
Time fly's when you're having fun 22.11.2010
The biggest (bronze) Buddha (in Asia) 16.11.2010
Conghua Hot Springs, and the Temple of Six Banyan Trees 10.11.2010
Pearl River Night Cruise 10.11.2010
The itsy-bitsy cockroach climbed up up up 04.11.2010
Dance Competitions and Sports Days 01.11.2010
Our bad luck, but adventurous, holiday 01.11.2010
Is there such thing as a 'typical' school day in China? 26.10.2010
My Moon Festival adventure 12.10.2010
A weekend of 'negative air anions' to refresh my lungs 12.10.2010
Our house, in the middle of our street 10.10.2010
Goodbye Beijing, Hello Guangzhou 24.09.2010
The must-see's of Beijing 18.09.2010
Hazy Hazy Beijing 22.08.2010